no title seems to be appropriate now
haha i’ve been using too many i’m backs, i’m still alives, etc.

anyway,i’ve been pretty busy with work and working out (but no weight loss! something is really wrong).but at least i enjoy the working out. found joy in getting the steps right and in perfecting my yoga poses! 🙂 and to actually feel my body getting stronger and feeling fitter although not smaller. haha 😀

been organising a few sprees.
been making a few cards (yes!!)
in the process of making an album (can you believe it??) – very extremely slow though. in the span of 3 weeks i’ve only done about 4 pages of 6″ x 6″. but most importantly i enjoyed doing it. and i have to say..they are looking pretty…..

simple. hahaha 😀

learning to actually use up my stash instead of hoarding them – very very hard – but sometimes i really just have to harden my heart (really!) ignore the pain and the ‘sayang’ feeling and tell myself that it will look better on the layout than in the package. that’s pretty manageable. the harder part was when i realised that it DIDN’T look better on the layout and that i have ‘wasted’ my pretty supplies 😦 but o well..it’s the price to pay for growth!
i’ve been using my rubons!! yippee!! (fine, i actually dared to use them because i have multiples, shame on me)
but yeah. i foresee myself using more *cross fingers*

next step is really to take the time to capture all my creations in picture and download, edit and upload them.

so much easier to do sprees than doing all these!!! haha 😀

and my bf and i have just gotten a house somewhere far away from where i’m staying right now. but that’s besides the point. i have to offload a load of stuff from my stash before i shock him so i’m trying hard to sort out stuff to sell off right now. (although, i’m still buying a lot more..sigh…). haha but the real reason is… i don’t want my new place to look like the scrapbook warehouse i have right now. or maybe i want to..but a lot nicer. and to have a nice room with a lot of stuff in it without looking cluttered, i need a big area and well in singapore.. big area means big money. which i do not have! and all of you know why. right? 😀

till the next update. i’m not sure when. but it’ll come 🙂


I’m back!!

After about 3 and half months from quitting my job, i’ve finally settled into a good routine somehow. not the best yet. but better. i think 🙂

I’m currently holding a spree for



stamps snappy

Spree will close by 5 August 2009.

On a side note, I will be starting a new blog to showcase my rare works (rare as in, i don’t make them often haha not rare as in precious). but yeah. hopefully i’ll be disciplined enough to take photos and actually download them into the comp!

all in all, life has been good to me. and i’m thankful.

and another note, i still have some of those basic grey chipboard alphas available. they are not only my favourite, but they are also my idol, kristina werner’s, favourite!

and oh, oh, oh, i’ll also be ‘lelong’ing more of my stuff right here because i’m going to be moving soon and i have to get rid of some stuff (ok fine a lot of stuff) even though i really love them.

Giveaway at Dorcas’ blog!

just a short post to share a wonderful giveaway at Dorcas’ blog

It’s label tulip February kit!


i’m still here!

yeah..i’m still here.
this is my second week without my job.
haven’t gotten my life in order yet though..
now trying to do stuff that is good for my body..like exercising..but controlling my diet has been difficult.haha

i’m so very sorry for still being slow with my spree distribution.
somehow having no job leaving me with less time to organise my sprees!

anyway..i’m in the process of slowly re-organising my room.
i hope to be able to create more using up all those supplies i’ve been hoarding for almost 2 years now?? O.O
yeah if you feel bad about yourself, don’t. because i don’t think anyone of you is as bad as me in this respect.heee :p
(no i’m not proud).

my immediate task now is to make a hong bao box for my friend’s wedding and little journalling spots for her guest book – or rather guest box 🙂

and oh, if you’d just check out my page on basic grey chipboard alpha; they are really a good deal!
felicia’s basic grey chipboard alphas!
and i just have to repeat how much i love them because there are so many characters inside the pack that i don’t feel bad using them because i know i have many more!haha-typical hoarder behaviour.

till the next update then 🙂

You know that you are a scrapper when…

Yesterday night, I went to church for a worship practice.
We sang a song called Here I am to Worship and this is one the verses

King of all days oh so highly exalted
Glorious in heaven above
Humbly you came to the earth You created
All for love’s sake became poor

Upon reading the third line of the verse, I immediately pointed to the word humbly and told my sis:”wrong spelling”. Which was responded by my sister’s confused gaze. haha the spelling was perfectly alright! but i thought it should be Hambly!!! Humbly just seemed wrong!

hee :p

back from malacca!

i was back on saturday night.

but i was suffering from extreme nausea on sunday night. couldn’t sleep the whole night because my tummy was feeling very uncomfortable. went to see the doctor on monday morning. slept my whole monday away. like really the whole monday. i would wake up, feel really weak and drift back to sleep. couldn’t eat at all. tuesday was a little bit better. i was awake for longer. but i went to the toilet for at least 20 times! towards the night, the nausea hit back and i went to see the doctor again the next morning, wednesday. doctor said my tummy couldn’t take any food yet and so i was prescribed repalyte, some electrolyte drink. i didn’t eat anything yesterday saved for the breakfast i ate before going to the doctor. but i went to the toilet only 10 times yesterday. big improvement yeah? 🙂

today i’m feeling much better. still feeling a little weak. probably because i had almost no food yesterday (managed to ask my mom to let me eat some bread last night though.haha) but the nausea is gone and the diarrhoea is gone! yay! back to work tomorrow 🙂

some peachy cheap stuff arrived on monday. but was too weak to do anything. have sorted them out this morning and going to send out emails with tranfer info and collection arrangement 🙂

away for a bit!

i’ll be away to malacca from today till saturday 🙂
please sms me your orders for peachycheap instead of email okay? 🙂

on resignation – again

now, my resignation has to be pushed to 17th april 2009!
it’s so frustrating that i want to laugh!
i mean from 31st january to 20th march then 27th march and now 17th april. hahaha

but it’s okay. i’ll probably look back and think of it as a blessing.
although for now, i have to endure another month of work.


btw, nobody seem interested to share my love with BG-chipboard stickers!! haha i hope some will do soon though. hee, i’ll create a page for it too.

Basic Grey Chipboard alpha stickers – good deal!

i really really really love these chipboard stickers! 🙂
they are tiny and pretty and cute. you can use them anywhere, on your layouts, cards or altered project.

They are ALMOST perfect because there are so many letters packed inside, i don’t feel too bad about using some (haha the hoarder in me speaking!) but they are only almost perfect because the price wouldn’t let me have them in all colours and fonts available..hee just kidding. anyway, i managed to find some good deal and bought a few more so that i can share my love for this product with some of you!

i have 3 fonts available in all 3 colours (white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate – and aren’t the names yummy?:) ) :


Four sheets of self-adhesive chipboard abc’s, numbers and symbols that are super cool and micro mini sized! Uppercase measures approximately .75″ tall and lowercase measures approximately .5″ tall.


Four sheets of self-adhesive chipboard abc’s, numbers and symbols that are super cool and micro mini sized! Uppercase measures approximately .75″ tall and lowercase measures approximately .5″ tall.


Four sheets of self-adhesive chipboard abc’s, numbers and symbols that are crazy, eclectic and fun! This font ranges in size from approximately 1″ tall to approximately 1.65″ tall.

and i’m going to let them go at S$10.50 each! (i bought a few previously at LSS for S$17.50) and if you are getting 3, it’ll be S$30. What do you think?do leave me a comment if you are interested.

moving on – explained

think more and more people have already known.
i’ll be leaving my current job by the end of the month *cross fingers*
i was supposed to leave end of january..but somehow boss wouldn’t let me. and actually my planned last day was 20 March 2009 but again, boss wants me to do more stuff for him. so i’d extend one more week. and ending at the end of the month is nice too. so that’s that.

i’ll be taking a period after that to just help my dad with his work. to learn the ropes from him. and also to figure out what i really want to do with my life. (other than SB shopping. haha just kidding :p)

i’ll also take some time to refine my spree-organisational skills – something that has unexpectedly become a big part of my life. and i LOVE buying things for people! (have you ever read the confession of a shopaholic series? in the end she became a personal shopper in barney’s or something like that right?oh man.. i want to be a personal shopper for scrapbooking also! haha 🙂 )

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